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When you’re hunting, you don’t want to find yourself knee deep in a shark with only a bread knife for defence, so here are the best hunting knives. Nature is a beast which needs to be tamed and you are the great huntsman who will step up to this noble task: but what’s going to happen if you don’t bring along an appropriate knife? You’re going to end up dead that’s what’s going to happen and as the creatures of the Earth feast on your bones, the hunter will have become the hunted. So here are some good knives for you to bring along next time you want to take up arms in that age old battle of man v nature.




Wolverine Knife

This little beauty is the perfect thing to use to put any small creature out of its misery. Sometimes bullet just won’t do it – either those damn animals will survive the blast, or you’ll just want to go straight ahead and make the killing with a knife. Firing a gun is so detached, so impersonal: clutching onto a living creature as you run a wolverine knife over its throat and feel its death spasms as it’s life blood flows away is a deeply pleasurable experience which can’t quite be replicated.


Buck General Knife

This is an all-purpose knife which any great hunter would find useful. It’s big and it’s powerful: just like you. If you find yourself struggling with some larger prey, then the buck general knife might be the difference between you bringing that sweet carcass home for dinner and finding yourself cast into the great abyss as the creatures of the night devour your children.



Bowie Knife

This is the classic hunting knife. Hunting that pesky fox that keeps eating your chickens? Then dive bomb that disgusting monster and take away the life it didn’t deserve in the first place. Or maybe there have been stories of an almost mythical deer: an enormous creature whose destiny it is to hang as a proud trophy in your home. It would be too fast for you to shoot, so you’d have to use stealth to sneak up on it – a quick bowie knife through the jugular and it’s majestic reign as king of the forest will be brought to an end. All hail man, the new king of the forest.

Boar Knife

This slick little number is something which you could keep strapped to your leg – always ready for you to use. If you find yourself struggling in a fight to the death with a bear or something even more abhorrent, this boar knife could ensure the survival of the fittest, just like God intended. You wouldn’t jump out of an aeroplane without a parachute, so why on Earth would you head into the war zone that is undominated nature without a trusty knife to save your life?

Undominated Nature


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