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Chopping stuff up in the kitchen with a knife is fun, but it’s even more fun when you’ve got some nice kitchen decorations. Preparing a delicious dish is something which can be really fun and rewarding, but it’s also something which can be a gruelling chore: your happiness levels while making food can be swayed by how nicely decorated your kitchen is. If your kitchen does need a bit of a pick me up, here are some of our suggestions on the best kitchen decorations.




Novelty Knife Holders

One thing that makes any kitchen look drab is a boring knife holder: everybody goes for the standard affair of sticking the knife into a silvery grey box and leaving it at that. But there are so many more available to you: did you know that you can get novelty knife holder that looks like you’re impaling somebody with a massive sword? And also more pleasant things, like sticking the knives in a house and making the handle look like a chimney? Well, you can definitely get all of that and more.


Fridge Magnets

A fridge door. What is it? Just a load of white. That’s boring – that’s going to make you feel sad if you spend too much time near it. So liven up your fridge door with some delightful fridge magnets. Did you know that you can get magnet letters to spell out your name? Go completely wild and get something which will really bring a smile to your face, like maybe some fun fridge magnets shaped like knives, forks and other things appropriate for a kitchen environment.


Tea Towels

No kitchen is complete without a comprehensive set of tea towels: rather than putting your tea towels away in a dark cupboard, you could instead hang them from the cupboards so that they can act as a kind of decoration. Tea towels come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and often have lovely patterns on them: hanging them out for all to see provides some much needed colour to the often uninspired look of a generic kitchen.


A Fruit Bowl

Nothing makes a kitchen look livelier than a nice bowl of fruit. Not only does a bowl of fruit provide you with an instant supply of healthy and nutritious food, but they also help to make the kitchen look a little more natural and brighten the place up. Having just a little bit of nature in the room will really help to liven your mood.


Bars on the Windows

Perhaps you struggle to keep your cookery spirits high because you’re worried about knife crime in the area: but some big bars across your windows will let the warming sun in, while keeping local knife criminals out. Cut up your carrots, cabbage, courgettes and all of your other vegetables safe in the knowledge that you are completely secure.




So if the décor in your kitchen was dragging you down a little bit, I hope that these suggestions might be helpful. But before you march out onto the internet and make a purchase, make sure that you check online for voucher codes which can save you good money on your kitchen decorations. My Favourite Voucher Codes is one of the best voucher code websites around and they offer Brand Alley voucher codes which can get you some fantastic deals on all kinds of kitchen supplies.


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