Best Kitchen Knives for Different Jobs

There’s something which every upcoming chef will know, the struggle of finding a good knife. No matter what you’re making, you’re going to need a knife – even if you’re just making a doughy cake, you’re going to have to cut it into slices when it’s time to serve. But, anyway, I’m sure you’re thinking “chop chop, get to the point” so I’ll move quickly onward and start telling you all about the latest pieces from the cutting edge of knife technology.


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Chef’s Knife

When you think of a kitchen knife, you’re almost certainly thinking of the famous chef’s knife. It’s the standard, all purpose knife which no kitchen should be without! Got a pesky onion which needs a slicing and a dicing? A little carrot just crying for a cutting? An annoying parsnip just waiting for it’s meeting with the cool steel of a blade? Then you need the chef’s knife.


Bread Knife

This one’s up there with the chef’s knife as one of the most iconic from the world of kitchen supplies. Of course part of it’s purpose is in the name: the bread knife is perfect for cutting through loaves of bread – but it’s also quite a sharp butter spreader too. Essentially it’s perfect for all of those jobs where you need something sharp, but not too sharp.



You call on a cleaver when you’ve got a big job to do. Struggling to cut through that enormous hunk of meat you recently found yourself in possession of? Slam down on it with the sharp end of a cleaver and you’ll soon find yourself with a more convenient selection of meaty pieces. Definitely essential if you’re preparing any fleshy feasts (or cutting up some cumbersome cabbages.)


Paring Knife
These are those little ones you’ll find in any knife set. What you’ll find these most useful for is the small delicate jobs like removing the seeds from sweet, sweet jalapeños. If you’re ever doing a job where your usual cleaver is too big, then what you need is a paring knife!


Knife Voucher Codes
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With all of this in mind, it sounds like you’ll be ready to cut your way into the world of cookery and knives in no time! You want to be more experimental with the dishes you make? Then get your kitchen supplies at a discount price and experiment to your heart’s content without any real fear that you are losing loads of money if you don’t follow through.

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